A foothold in Ukraine for 25 years

Why Ukraine ?

UKRAINE is a country with a population of 46 million and a surface area virtually identical to that of France, making it one of the largest countries in Eastern Europe.


UKRAINE lies just outside the European Union and is not subject to the dictates of BRUSSELS. It therefore offers the advantage of proximity and competitiveness.

Moreover, thanks to a free trade agreement between France and Ukraine, customs duties on labour for fabrics of EU origin are not payable.


UKRAINE is a country with a strong textile tradition, plus an array of engineering schools and specialised managers.

It boasts a professional and skilled workforce, fully able to meet client’s demands and those of the european market.

AMS Consulting

Alain Sarfati, a graduate of the prestigious ‘Sciences Po’ university, with a degree in Law and Economic Affairs, chose to follow the family tradition by joining the textile and clothing sector.


To do so, he took courses at the Ecole Supérieure des Industries du Garment (ESIV) and climbed through the ranks, ultimately directing several factories manufacturing women’s ready-to-wear in France.


He thus combines technical expertise with the discipline of financial management.


In the 1980s, anticipating the difficulties facing the production sector in France, he decided to embark on offshore manufacturing. He began with Portugal but later changed countries, in a constant search for greater competitiveness and the best value for money. After organising the offshoring of several French brands in Hungary, Poland and Bulgaria, he opted to focus his attention on Ukraine.


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